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I'm a newbie on an 08 Ezip Trailz at 24v. I intend to upgrade volts.

Would a 48v controller work with 24v, 36v? I also understand that sometimes a 24v controller will work with a 36v upgrade?

When I upgrade can I mix different amp batteries, ie, 10 amp and 11 amp 12 volts batteries (off a wheel chair I think).

I would prefer to get the best controller first and upgrade batteries later.

!!!!On motor burn out. I understand heat is the killer. If I ran 48 v with the 24v motor and was judicious and prudent about full throttle sustained jaunts would I be maybe ok?

Finally, are there any 36v or 48v motors that are a direct replacement bolt on? Thanks, won't be a newbie forever.
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