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For the last 8 years the anti-cyclist establisment in Iowa has tried to ban us from Iowa roadways.

There have been bans implimented in at least 3 counties, that have since been lifted. The issue has been brought up and debated during the annual legislative session in Des Moines. Certain organizations and groups have worked together and worked hard at making it happen. Some motorists have taken it upon themselves to hit and injure or kill cyclists with the hope the issue will be escalated and a ban put in place.

One of these groups is a safety organization who wants to save us from ourselves and has really pushed for legislation. Some of their members, who are supposidly working outside of this organizations influence and on their own, have actually tried to make this a ballot measure to be voted on in November.

There is one individual in particular who call himself truck234 on the Des Moines Register discussion groups who has doone nothing but be a broken record over and over again saying let's put this on the ballot or let's do this as a write in on the November ballot.

I have had countless debates with this tool and have asked him if he knows how this can become a ballot measure. He being the uneducated moron he is did not answer, because he does not have a clue. I do know because I asked about how it happens.

The answer is it cannot be a ballot measure. The State of Iowa does not have a provision to allow petition driven ballot initiatives. This type of public policy issue would have to flow through the legislative process.

Once I pointed this out to truck234 he backed off and went away.

A little more information on some of those who are trying to ban cyclists from Iowa roadways:
truck234 is a ferrier.

The leader or spokesman for the safety group the citizens for safety coalition of iowa is a gun shop owner. Kind of ironic, right? A gun shop owner, someone who sells weapons used for the the purpose of killing is trying to ban cyclists from the roadways. He and it seems his safety group backed off when it was pointed out and he was blasted with emails from pissed off cyclists about his hypocracy. I was even starting a campaign to go after his gun business. I was starting to ask state officials to take a close look at him to make sure he was up to par on his credentials and was not selling anything illegal. That is when he really backed off, so I did.

I'm the kind of cyclist who gets really pissed off and militant when you come after my rights to use public roadways. If I find out who you are I will try to make things happen to make your life difficult.
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