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It's 5 o'clock somewhere the Beer (and more) thread II

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Dos_Ruedas said:
....did someone think aloud that the beer thread is gone? Where did it go?
I have been searching for a place to post all my latest news. But without the beer thread, I got nothing!! So here's what I've been up to: my dad turns eighty in August so the hubby is brewin up a batch or two for a big blow out we'll be having for him. Here is the label:


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Beer thread II

New thread, fresh start :)

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I wanted to try the Tank 7 yesterday but I just ran out of time! I may have to pencil one of them in tonight.
So really.....what happened to the old thread....or is it hush hush?
It's classified , a matter of national security :cool:
Dang omni is quick tonight :) Nice one man. Mine for tonight after a dayum long, hot day is the The Sixth Glass quad from Boulevard brewing. I'd have to say it lives up to expectations and the Ba ratings!


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This thread should have its name changed to "Beer Snobs Unite!"
Why???? :eek:
I live in...ohhh, dare I say it...."Bud Light" country.
People look at me like I'm some freak of nature, when I turn my nose from it.

Of course, they recently asked:
"What DO YOU drink?"

Trust me, there's no right or easy way to answer THAT question to THEM. ;)

Now I'm labeled a "Beer Snob."

If only they could see me walking around the mansion in my silk robe with my pipe too.... :D
Lol, even worse my sons bounces between Bud light and Keystone. Might as well drink water, it's the most tasteless stuff I have EVER drank.
The end of the work day and the end of the workweek could not get here fast enough! I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is better than a DFH 90!

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What a day, heck what a weekend! 50 miles on the bike first thing this morning, new shoes on the truck, and a couple hours out on the boat. Finishing it all off with this. To tired to even put in a glass :D Pulling my son and his girlfriend home from the Mobjack Bay.


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View attachment 12365
Highly recommend by the attendant, after I described what I liked.
I didn't care for it at all!! Guess I had sucker written on my face.
I discarded and moved on to this.....
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I would be just the opposite. I don;t care much for Scotch Ales
Ok Dos_ new rules :D No posting tempting looking brews until.... after 5pm :) You're killing me this afternoon.
After last might and today if I can finish this before I pass out I'll be happy :)

This tastes mighty fine on a hot and very humid evening.

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This ones for you Rola!!

......and only you'll get the meaning. :D
Lol, gotcha BO' :D
It's 8'oclock somewhere since we all don't get off at 5:)

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Go ahead and try and jump in that pool knee :)
One of my favorite local brewery's put in a new bike rack today.
How can a brewery have a bike rack and not include beverage holders ????? :rolleyes:
A boulevard bike rack is glorious.
And to celebrate that :cool:


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And to tease Rola :D
You are a dawg ! But I know secrets :cool:
Headed out to watch some premo late model action tonight. Enjoying a little Hopsectioner whilst I vacuum the truck out :(

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Can't get this at home so I jumped at the chance to get it Niiiiiiice

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Good stuff, we can bring sMe up :)
Decisions, decision, where does one start ? My end of the barter deal made with rynoman03 :D


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