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SO YOU COWARDS think you're tough because you jumped me ??? Waited for me to be alone... in my own front yard???
I still handled all of you, left 3 of you on the ground laid out in blood!!! You're lucky I don't have any marks on my face. I have some on my arms and legs but so what!!!! I bet you didn't expect me to swing back since it was 6 against one. You should have known better!!! I might be getting old but I have a lot of fight left in me! Yeah I'm not gonna lie, I was getting a little tired, but I kept on swinging and made sure you got yours... Little Punks!!! All I have to say is you started this and I finished it.
I hate mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not my friends.
Welcome to summer
4601 - 4620 of 4667 Posts