Just got done fixing a tubular.

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    Well I think I was successful at fixing my rear tubular on my fixed gear. It was a Victoria Kevlar Belted number that I never flatted before. I road to the bookstore to get my dad a copy of Bike Snob for fathers day. I walked out of the bookstore and sure enough, flat back tire. So I pumped it up a bit in front of the store and road almost all the way there when I felt that horrible rear tire going flat feel.

    So I walked it home the last three quarters of a mile home and then preceded to "operate" on my rear tire. took about a hour to get it done. including waiting for the glue to set on the patch. I do carry a spare tire under my saddle but I needed to fix it anyway and it was faster to walk home than to change the tire.

    Now I hope that it will hold up for my next few rides. Boy are these things a pain to work on, but they feel so good to ride.

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    Must of bin flat day , as I had a flat 30 miles out and 10 to go. I put a new tube in but the pump that says good for 140# would only put in 100#. I did make it to Saterday breakfast on time :D My grandson had his dad, her dad, and myself over for breakfast. A real nice fathers day present I thaught.