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Hi there,

I live in Northern California & I enjoy riding my bike. It may not be a $1,000.00 bike or even close to $500.00 with all the bells & whistles but it sure feels good to me :) The make & model is a Mongoose XR250 ... I plan on adding a few newer parts to the bike but so far it is a gem to me & I can not complain.

Quick review on my bike

Pros: Very light weight, Nice Rapid Fire shifters , Strong front Promax disk brake , Nice beefy mud tires ,

Cons: The Rapid Fire shifter needs or should have been tuned better from the company. Ugly mud fender & well some what hard to load on the THULE 963 - Spare Me bike rack that i have with out messing up the paint.

Comments: This is a great bike for someone that can not fork out $500.00 dollars & up. This bike works well for me I am 6ft tall & 230LBS & the bike is great.. I would talk to your LBS(Local Bike Shop) to see what low budge upgrades are out there for this bike just to make it a bit more BEEFY enjoy ;)


* Frame type: 4-bar dual suspension mountain bike frame
* Frame materials: Lightweight aluminum
* Suspension type: Mozo M30 racing front suspension
* Gearing/Shifters: 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, Easy Fire shifters
* Brakes: Front ProMax disc brake, rear alloy linear pull brake
* Tires: Mongoose R4674WM tires
* Wheels: AERO paired spoke deep dish alloy wheels
* Weight: 40lbs.
* Product in Inches: (L x W x H): 67.0 x 6.5 x 40.5
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