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Over 50 and not '2' tired
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Here's a short video I shot 12/4/09 riding my Mountain Unicycle at the famous Kenter "Whoops", and having a blast! Impossible get the necessary speed or big air like you can on *two* wheels, and because most of the bigger whoops have sheer drops on the non-ramp side, with hard pan ditches at the bottom, I can't make the long jumps to the next ramp!

This place was/is, of course, built for bikes to jump from one to the other, ramp to ramp. Some have pretty huge gaps between whoops! I had the most fun with the smaller ones which are fun to "rollercoaster", and I can still get some fun air on those without dropping into a ditch, lol.

(This video is super short, so don't blink, lol!)

Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson
"Over 50, and not '2' Tired!"

[ame=]YouTube - Kenter Whoops...on ONE WHEEL![/ame]
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