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The first time I saw a Kindle I thought it looked bland and uninspiring. I never thought I'd be able to use an e-reader. I was wrong. I got a Kindle 3 and now wonder how I got along without it.

What it can't do:

-No apps
-No color
-Limited versatility
-Not backlit so you need a light to read by

What it does do:

-With wireless turned off the battery will last a month
-The new E-Ink is very easy on the eyes like real paper
-No glare and can be read in bright sun
-Will hold 3,500 books
-Books download in about 60 seconds
-MP3 capable
-Simple web browser

Some great websites I've found so far:

Welcome to Open Library (Open Library) Free books!

welcome - More free books! I found just about everything here, not just public domain books. They are in PDF format.

calibre - E-book management This is a great manager that will convert other formats to MOBI. It also has other great features as well. Google Maps for the Kindle!
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