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Lance Armstrong Tweets!

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I'm a pretty typical Anti-Armstrong for no good reason but I saw this and thought it was funny.

Twitter / Lance Armstrong: Golfed w/ @college6 today. ...
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I don't care who you are that right there is funny.
Agreed. I guess no one else thought it was funny.
That is funny. Poor guy. I mean the testicular thing not the lack of money.
I'm laughing, too, funetical! Thanks for that.
Thanks Xela! I figure if you can have a sense of humor about losing a nut you probably aren't all bad. I did and I have and I'm not.
Almost as good as his monologue during the ESPYs a couple years ago, when he talked about being offered the host spot for it: "Yeah, I'd give my left nut to do that!"
LOL. That's the one I lost. I tell people that all the time. I'd give my left nut to have my left nut back.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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