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This fall, the League of Illinois Bicyclists is showing over 700 high school driver education teachers how to use LIB’s Share the Road lesson plan in their classrooms. Content includes a 6:49-minute video on safely interacting with bicyclists, a 10-question quiz, and more. LIB is speaking at 10 of the drivers ed association’s fall training workshops.

This link provides access to the video and classroom materials. You might consider presenting this or similar material to the Driver Ed people in your state.

LIB, with funding from the Illinois Department of Transportation, has produced a nearly seven-minute video DVD on motorist-bicyclist safety. The video, available from LIB, is part of a 20-30 minute ready-made lesson for Illinois driver education programs – but it is relevant for all motorists and cyclists.

The video, narrated by Robbie Ventura, a teammate of Lance Armstrong on the former U.S. Postal Service Team, presents the do’s and don’ts for new drivers for when they encounter bicyclists on the road. The Illinois High School and College Driver Education Association, IDOT’s Division of Traffic Safety, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and the Active Transportation Alliance (formerly Chicagoland Bicycle Federation) provided valuable advice in the production of the video.

Teacher materials accompanying the video [pdf], including a 10-question quiz with answer guide, can be viewed, downloaded and copied. A Power Point of the quiz [4MB] may also be downloaded and used in the classroom. Also available is a case study of road rage [pdf] for classroom discussion.
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