Learning to unicycle?

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    My friend and I have been looking into unicycling for some time, I have for at least two years, and we may finally be able to buy ones. Our problem is:we both want to eventually have MUnis, but neither of us have the money to buy a basic one, and then a MUni, even in the future (unless we wait for YEARS) So we were wondering, how practical is it to learn on a MUni? We have found one on unicycle.com that is in our price range ( Nimbus Boomerang ) Would you suggest we buy these, would we be able to learn on them? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Also, any other (inexpensive please!) ones would be helpful, even if they aren't MUnis, so long as they are durable and able to go over quite rough terrain (not the most ideal places around here)

    EDIT: Also, (sorry, I know this may be getting annoying) we do plan on going decent distances once we get a hang of it, so we are aiming for probably 24" wheels, if that has any effect on what you say.
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    This forum is too quiet. Try the forums at unicyclist.com for answers. I am just learning and was told that a 20" was easiest for two reasons: lower "gear" ratio and of course, 2-inches lower. I don't know if this works for you, but I found a used one for about $75 US and later found a 24" for a similar amount. I doubt learning on a Muni is much harder. It will be a bit harder because the wheel is heavier and therefore more difficult to rotate. If you end up riding on the road, the 24" will seem too small after a while. You're right that for Muni 24" seems to be the sweet spot. I'm just now riding in the dirt, but no real drops and using a medium sized mountain bike tire, not a large one like the serious muni riders use.

    Based on not much experience I'd say that if you're committed and read the forums and look at the YouTube videos you can learn on a 24" muni. It will just be a little harder in the beginning. Also assumes you are tall enough for a 24".

    Have fun. In addition to a helmet, I'd recommend wrist guards. Early on I fell hard landing on my hands frequently.
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