Leg Numbness

Discussion in 'Training / Health' started by TxCyclist, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. TxCyclist

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    Anyone have leg numbness the day after working out? Esp. them getting numb when positioned askew?
  2. photosbymark

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    The day after would concern me more than the day of. If you seated in a position and a leg gets numb and you move and its better, then you kind of know the problem. The next day opens some other possibilities. First thing Id do is call my Doctor to see if they are worried about it. Numbness could be a clue to other problems whether it be circulation or something else they might need to investigate. After the all clear from the doc, then my next step would be either in the saddle or riding position. One thing is for sure. IF its numb, the body is trying to tell you something.