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Just a quick "Hello". Found "Two Spoke" on Jeep forum. I started riding about 20yrs. ago while doing triathlons. Stopped riding for a number of years when I started driving trucks over the road. 3 yrs ago I bought a Trek 4300 MTB and I've had it in the truck w/ me ever since. I still have my Trek 500 Tri Series road bike from '88-'89 timeframe. Recently did an MS 150 bike ride on my mtb and decided to bring the road bike out of retirement. A quick visit to the shop and now I'm riding on skinny tires again. She has 20yr. old technology and a Reynolds Cr Moly frame. Nothing needed to be replaced. I may do some updating this winter, but she's a classic and it sure would be a shame to change that. The svc tech told me the biggest bang for the buck would be new wheels. I guess that wouldn't be too drastic. I live in the Cleve/Akron/Youngstown area and looking for people to ride w/. Whether Mtb or road I'm ready to go. Most of the miles on my Mtb are road miles and I'd like to hit the trails.
Leave me a PM if you'd like to hookup, or find me on FaceBook.
Keep the shiney side up and the rubber side down!
Mike Coss
PS- GO LANCE, Kiick some a**!
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