Looking for a used road bike.

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Hoffma721, May 20, 2017.

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    Hello folks,

    So here is the deal, I am a teen who has been riding since I was young. But recently I have outgrown my old "Sterling Spotlight", Now I loved this bike but sadly it just doesn't work for me anymore. Im interested in finding a bike that is priced well for what it is. I am not looking for a really low end bike but I cant afford what I am looking for new. Id love something in the range of a Trek Domane 4-7 depending on the price or an equivalent from Scott, Cannondale, Canyon or S-Works. I have around 1000 to spend and don't need the bike to be in pristine condition, as long as there are no structural integrity problems or major ascetic blemishes i'm game. If you have something that you think I may be interested go ahead and pm me or post here. If your wondering about sizing Im 6'3", with a 38" inseam and I have fairly long arms. I would probably fit on something between 56cm and 60cm. But i am open to any advice for any of you more experienced riders.

    Thanks for your time,

    Toby Hoffman

    P.s, Not sure if this was even the right place to post, if not please direct me to the correct forum/sub-forum.
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    I'd say your post is just fine. If you have a 1000, why not go to a bike shop and check out what they have? Find a reputable store and ask questions. Many of those stores have used bikes that they've gone over, but, if the price is right for a new one... that just may work better for you in the long ride. There's some good bikes for a thou or round abouts, and if you have a job with money to spare, many places will go so many months sane as cash.
    Hang onto that old Sterling! In your old age you'll thank your self. I've kept my Schwinn Traveler 3 that I bought back in 78, and have used it for some rides on the GAP/C&0 Trail.
    I wish you the best, for a find that will fit. Keep in touch and show us what ya got.

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    Been riding since he was young! Being a teenager he is still young!
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    Welcome please check with the dealer just to see what they have and to get ideas. As far as young goes young is 10 years younger than you are and old is 10 years older no matter your age
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    I am currently 17, not really a teen I guess but Ive been riding the sterling since I was 7, its a 50cm so its way to small. and its also been in an accident, I don't trust it for anything more than an indoor trainer. As for dealers I only know of 1 within hour and a half of me and Ive been there. They cater more towards mountain bikers. But I will take some time to travel out to dealers and see what they have. Thanks gents for the help, and i'll keep ya informed.
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    I don't know how big of a town you live in but you can also try Craig's List for bikes being sold in your area. Also, you can try some of the online bike retailers like REI, BikesDirect, Performance and others. Only thing is that you will have to assemble the bike yourself when it arrives or take it to a bike shop to have them do it. Performance is having a really good sale on road bikes right now.

    Performance Bikes
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    You need a 58-61 and most likely at least a 59. I would not buy a 56 at your height.
    I ride a 56 no way anyone over 6' would comfortably fit it.
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    I'm 5'11 - 6 feet mark and I'm on a 56. I can tell I'm right at the limit. So you'd def want atleast a 58. You can find a nice bike for 1,000 Cannondale has nice ones. Specialized and trek have nice ones as well.
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    No shops around? Having a bike show up on your doorstep in pieces and making that pile of parts turn into this fabulous transportation device at your hand is a very powerful experience. You have internet obviously so you have access to parts and videos on youtube of how it all goes together. Research, hatch a plan & make it happen. It will change your life.................
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    38" inseam? Those are some long legs. I'm 6'5" and only have a 36" inseam. My road bike is a 63 and my touring bike is a 60. The only reason for the difference is that is the largest frames Trek made in those models when I bought them.
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    Also, make some friends at the bike shops. Sometimes they have something odd offered, that they just don't expect to be able to sell. You're a lot taller than the typical roadie, so shops may turn away a pretty good deal on a bike that would fit you if they don't know of someone looking for exactly that. Even if they still don't want the risk, they may get the potential seller's number and pass it on to you.
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    Contact a Cannondale dealer and ask if the '17's from Cannondale have been marked down. They do this every year. It won't be the one's from the shop, likely, but the ones from the distributor. So they can order you one for about 20% off. You should be able to get a CAAD 12 on sale. They might be sold out, this late in August, but it's worth a try.
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    Ok, this CAAD 8 is a possibility. The 8 series, which they quit making in 2017, is more stable than the full race ready CAAD 10's and the new CAAD 12's. It's what I would suggest you get new, except they quit making them. They have the new Optima, but the geometry on that one is the same as the CAAD12, it just costs less. https://m.pinkbike.com/buysell/2184855/

    They want far too much, though. (Assuming it's a 2010, which I'm unsure of). Here is the bluevook value:

    You might try to negotiate, or just look through Pinkbike for something better.
    You could use your leftover budget for upgrades, if you like. RIBBLE Cycles is great for those. I just upgraded the whole drivetrain and wheels on my Pinarello.

    Cannondale makes stellar aluminum frame sets for their CAADS. I have a CAADX cyclocross, and that frame sings when I ride it.

    Another well-performing bike in your price-range in the Specialized Allez.


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    I know its an old post, but I did not understand if you already got a bike or not? I have some good tips for buying one. There is no point of posting them now if you have already bought it.

    Have a great day guys!