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So, I had a Piaggio MP3 500 and it (like the new models coming up from the Japanese 4) had a locking mechanism for the front end. Granted, it unlocked at speeds over (IIRC) 5 MPH, but it was useful for parking. While I see where you are going with your project, I think you'll have some stiff competition from the established recumbent industry. Things like the Sidewinder didn't fare so well due to their difficulty in use. I would suggest (since you are soliciting opinions) to consider a lock-out for the front end so it translates in to a stable 3 wheeled tadpole trike. To me, the bigger questions revolve around benefits due to the increased weight, complexity and drag of the two front tires and front end material. The gist of not falling over on gravel is bogus, if it leans to maintain its direction, there's slip angle and friction and you can still fall. If you could carry a significant more amount of weight for utility, well, now we're looking at an advantage vs. a bakfiets or boxbike, right? all of the utility plus the ability to manuever via counter-steering?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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