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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by option24, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. option24

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    I am presently riding a hybrid bicycle.
    It is far too heavy and slow.
    49 year old man.
    Good shape. I would really like to begin riding.
    My hours are good for low traffic rides as I am up daily at 4:30 am.
    I am thinking I need a road bike, but I have not earned the right to get something that is a top quality bike.
    If I could be a 30 mile per week guy for a few months I would be happy.
    What kind of bike should I get?
    Please help!!
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    Welcome option !
    I would suggest starting with whatever LBS you have close and talk to them and explain what you want. Is your goal to be faster, ride longer distances,comfort or all of the above? Do you want an aggressive profile of a racing bike or a more relaxed profile? Do you want a compact crank, a triple, or a double?

    Have a basic idea of what you want the bike for and let the folks at the LBS help you get the right bike and get it fitted when you do purchase it. You'll enjoy the ride much more when you have that all put together.

    Have a GREAT day !

  3. option24

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    Thank you

    I will do as you suggest by going to my LBS.
    It would be nice to know what I am looking for when I walk in to avoid getting hosed.
    I want to be able to ride pretty comfortably but a heck of alot faster than the hybrid goes.
    As I said. I can see me starting at 30 miles a week and probably progressing to 50 or 60 a week during the summer.
    What type of bike should I look for?
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    Well just a piece of free advise that is worth what you pay for it. If you were 19, it would be a different. At 49 your BS meter has been used enough in life to go off if you start hear a line. At 19 it might not be. I'd just not worry about getting hosed, and trust the BS alarm. Any good bike shop should let you test ride the bike to see how YOU like it and if you think it will do what you want. Most of all they should help you fit adjust it before you leave. Seat heights and other adjustments can make all the difference in your comfort. Most good local bike shops offer lifetime adjustments free. Ma and Pa shops are usually in it because they like to ride as well. Chains may have slightly better prices, but may or may not hire people that actually ride. If they do, you have the best of both worlds.

    One don't is don't head to a department store. The last department store bike I had to deal with for a friend, the assembly was so bad I took it apart and put it back together to get it right. The department stores will not help you get fitted to the bike and more often than not frustration will follow.