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Hey everyone!

I bought a Busettii big 50 mile electric bike about 2 months ago. I simply love it! It climbs hills like a real champ with barely any slowing down. I would recommend it to anyone who lives near hills. It averages abouit 22mph on the flats. I haven't tested that claim of 50 miles in one day yet though. My biggest gripe would be the cost of the battery replacement ...over $900.00 dollars. At least everything is covered for 3 years.
I just ordered a Wilderness Energy conversion Kit BL 36 yesterday for my 21 speed trailways bike. I miss using more gears and getting a better workout is why I bought this kit. At 399.00 is an inexpensive kit and if it lasts for a few years it will be worth it still.
Well anyway that's my story....hope to meet others like myself soon on here....have a good ride!

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