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    So its winter time, and for people that bike in the snow that means ice, water, and snow being filtered through the hub. I was sick of my grease always being washed out, so I went and bought a tube of Lucas Oil's EPET X-tra heavy duty grease. No more having to repack the hub every weekend, in fact my hubs went almost 4 weeks without being touched, and they have ridden through ALOT of snow and salty road slush. No joke there was literally snow packed around the hubs all day! The hubs were finally opened today and there was still grease packed inside, it was dirty, but the bearings were riding on grease. It had succeeded in repelling the water, just as it advertised. So if you're looking for a tougher grease, checkout Lucas Oil's X-tra Heavy-Duty grease.

    Lucas X-tra Heavy Duty Grease : Lucas Oil