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I am 6'1" 170 or so.
Now Vortex: It is a hard core race bike!
I think about 2002 is my model year, it was the first year Campy came out with 10 spd. I find it to be too harsh a ride. This is what is pushing me to replace it.
My Vortex is the one with the non big/oversized tubes, diamond top, 10 sided seat, bent seat stay
I am trying to find a bike in the 3+5k range.
Better ride VS the Vortex, meaning more compliant/absorb more of the road vibe, shock, etc
If possible I do not want to give up anything in acceleration, handling, etc.
I also prefer to support my own in the USA VS China, etc.
I am thinking about the Litespeed Xicon or the Lynskey Helix, and maybe the Trek 7/6.9
Is the Lynskey Helix too stiff?
Xicon too flexy?
Am I giving up too much in aero with either these days?
I road a Taiwan carbon bike about 2 years ago and liked the shock absorption of it.
I beat the piss out of my bikes and Carbon makes me worry about scratching in a tip over, crash, etc and then having it fail.
I ride most days of the week and enjoy bombing the descents and attacking the climbs.
I maybe the best descender in my group of about 50-150 riders.
Also while we are at it the c-4 wheels that Adrenaline sells? information about quality, etc. they are supposed to be made in California.
Customer service of Adrenaline, Lynskey, Litespeed, Trek or someone else I should consider?
Also is the Campy Chorus the best for price, function and longevity? Or is it personal preference, chevy vs ford?
What am I missing?
Thank you.

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I've never heard anything bad about a Lynskey and would not hesitate to invest in one. I only know 2 that own them and they would not ride anything else. I've ridden the 6.9 and it felt good to me. If you can find one in the 3-5k, unless you are looking used, good luck :)

Never ridden Campy but XELA (mod )loves it. I do think that stuff is a Ford vs Chevy personal preference thing. Everything you mention is pretty top shelf stuff and doubt you would go wrong with any of it.

I LOVE the support USA mentality!!

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If you want the best, smoothest, lightest race ride...Ti. And it will last forever.
High end grupos are competitive with each other, I think at this price point it's riders choice.


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I have two members on my team that have Litespeeds and both swear by them. I don't know what model they have, but they are both titanium frames.

I recently purchased a new CF bike after having the same hesitations that you have about it's durability. After seeing some videos and some actual collisions with CF bikes, it took my worries away. I don't think that you have to worry about them too much. However, in researching CF bikes when deciding on mine, I found that all the CF frames for bikes in the 3-6K range are made in Taiwan or China, including my Colnago. About the only ones that I found that are still made by most of the manufacturers are in the 8k and up price range.

I'm sure that someone here will know of a bike in the 3-5K price range where the frame is not made in Taiwan or China, but I never ran across one in my research.
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