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There is a trail fee for riding this Mountain Bike Trail. If you are not riding a Mt. Bike, you will not go far on this trail. I thought I was ready for it, I used to love to ride trails like this one. But it has been too many years and I was just not ready for it yet. Neither was my 18 y/o step son... it is a really hard trail. Lovely, but be ready/in great shape and carry a LOT of water with you.

We only went out about 1 mile, when our bikes sunk about 7" into the white sand, on a trial about 11" wide with a drop off into the River on one side and a downed tree on the other, we did go on over the downed tree limbs, but turned around not too much further when the trail was iffy going into the tall weeds and woods.... glad we tried it though.

It was also very hot the day we went. <smiles>


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