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Hello from Northern Maine! Just stumbled upon this site researching some Vintage roadies, as I am craving a road bike for some good fun, and for some commuting purposes.

I have been riding bikes pretty much as soon as I could walk, and though there was a dark "motorized" period in my teens I have always kept on 2 wheels:D Primarily love to ride SS rigid mountain bikes, but have always loved the road as well, and decided I need to be less lazy and start commuting way more than I do! I just would like a better tire (2.55 and 2.25 knobbies don't roll well) and gearing (32x18 is a slowwww ride) than my 29er permits! More than 8 or 9 miles on it gets old quick, and its quite tiring!

So anyhow looking around locally for a Raleigh or some other Steel framed Vintage bike to build up, and though this looked like a good place to be:thumbsup:

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