Mech Dual Control to Hydraulic?

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by Heartless, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Heartless

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    Wondering if anyone can help me out.
    I have a pair of Shimano Dual Control Shifters; which are on Avid Mechanical Disc brakes. I am upgrading my frame as well as the brakes to Hydraulics. Can i buy a hydraulic Upgrade or do i have to buy an entire shifter set?
  2. CTD50

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    You'll have to buy new -- there's no way to adapt mech levers to hydros. The hydraulic master cylinder is enclosed in the lever body, and the activation of hydro brakes is a 'push' action, not the 'pull' of cables.

  3. tajcrews

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    CTD50 is right. You can either get another set of the dual levers like you have but meant for hydraulic brakes or just get separate brake levers and shifters. I would get separate ones. It gives you a ton more options for hydraulic brakes. Plus if you crash and break something it could save you money in replacement costs since you wont have to replace the whole shifter/brake combo.