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More Bikes Equals Safer Cycling!

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Makes total sense. Also for those cyclists when they do drive have more compassion that cyclists can't go as fast a car but deserve to be there nonetheless.
I liked it. I see it as a part of the solution. If you can't beat them convert them.
I see it as the drivers seeing more riders on the road becoming more aware they are now sharing with bikers more than the converted drivers who pay more attention because they are riders also.

If you drive a route to work and only see a cyclist once in a while you don't pay much attention to them but if you start seeing 2 cyclists per block or more then you will pay more attention to them.
There is strength in numbers!
I see the point in the article but more of us with less legislation and higher congestion is going to cause problems.
Article below from today's NY Times saying essentially the same thing.

Urban Bicycling: Is It Becoming Safer? - Bay Area Blog -

For what it's worth, got a friend writing a fed grant applicaton for a local city here near Boston to promote cycling. This is one of the premises of the grant, more cyclists on the road results in fewer cycling accidents.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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