Mountain Bike to Fixie

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    I got into riding fixed gears about a year ago and now everything I look at I think would be better done fixed gear. Any body ever converted a mountain bike? I got this old one sitting here and I think it's worth a try.
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    Enough people ride fixed-gear mountain bikes that bsnyc has a species name for us: Mountainger.
    Here is my converted GT.

    Fixed-gear GT mountain bike on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    It's fun in all the ways you might expect. I ride it when I want to make life difficult.

    Surly rim and Sun Rhyno-lite rim. Only 32 spokes and I weigh a lot, but the rim is strong, the builder was an expert, and the wheel still spins true.

    If your frame has horizontal drop-outs, the conversion should be easy. If its drop outs are kinda horizontal (as with my GT), get a chain half-link and grind flat the sides of the drop-outs. If the drop outs are vertical, either prepare to buy some expensive components or drop the whole idea.

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