Mountain Cycle and East Coast Cycle Supply join Forces

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    East Coast Cycle Supply (ECCS), a global bicycle importer announces today its partnership with Mountain Cycle, the highly respected mountain bike specialist. ECCS plans to expand Mountain Cycle sales of its full line of mountain bike frames to Independent Bike Dealers across the US and Canada.

    “We are very pleased to be working with East Coast Cycle Supply,” explains Krien Dawson, COO of Mountain Cycle. “We feel they encompass the knowledge and expertise needed to grow the Mountain Cycle brand,” he adds. “Mountain Cycle product is quality driven and our customers will receive all the attention to detail required for each sale and we believe ECCS will continue to market our products in the same fashion.”

    Currently Mountain Cycle offers four frame sets; the Shockwave, Battery, Rumble and Fury, each built with the well known, durable monocoque swing arm or reinforcement technology. Designs are classic and simple focusing on quality and targeting the specific disciplines of downhill, slope style, all mountain and trail riding.

    “Mountain Cycle is an iconic brand,” states Jeff Bruno, President of East Coast Cycle Supply. “Our sales team has all the passion and drive to sell Mountain Cycle’s well constructed and engineered frames. Mountain Cycle’s high end product is the perfect addition to the East Coast Cycle Supply family.”

    Over the last 20 years, the Mountain Cycle brand has developed an established international customer base. ECCS plans to continue to grow the business nationally in the US and Canada markets. “We have the resources and contacts to contribute to Mountain Cycle global success.” concludes Bruno
    About Mountain Cycle
    The original innovators in full-suspension MTB technology, Mountain Cycle started in 1988 and many claim them to be the true father of the modern mountain bike. Their reputation has been Mountain Cycle can best be described as a “Micro-National” in the sense that, they operate a small, experienced and focused team of passionate staff, on a truly worldwide level with offices spread around the globe; the US is served through it’s SoCal based sales office, with it’s development headquarters in France, manufacturing offices in Taiwan, and our design office in Australia. For more information please visit Mountain Cycle: Serious Fun
    About East Coast Cycle Supply

    East Coast Cycle Supply produces, designs and manufactures bicycles and bicycle accessories for sport specialty retailers domestically and internationally. Located on Long Island, NY, the company was established by a team of knowledgeable and talented individuals who have years of experience with unlimited resources in the biking industry. Bicycle lines include an array of hardtail and dual suspension mountain bikes, comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes, cruisers and youth style models. The company concentrates on well crafted bikes, cutting edge designs, competitive pricing and above all top notch relationships with our customers and the cycling community.
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    I went online to check out your stuff but couldn't find a website for you. I found a lot of stories but nothing to see what you have to offer. Where can we find your stuff, Website etc...?

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    East Coast Cycle Supply and Mountain Cycle


    Thanks for your response.
    Our East Coast Cycle Supply website is under construction. It should be up and running in the next couple of weeks. East Coast Cycle Supply
    As for Mountain Cycle, here is their website Mountain Cycle: Serious Fun
    We also have the K2 brand. K2 Bike

    You can also check us out on facebook and twitter

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    Thank you.
    Happy riding!

    Cannondale F1 Caffeine was my first bike. It such a great bike!:)