MTB crashes we've had

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by Dos_Ruedas, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Dos_Ruedas

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  2. cwtch

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    There have been so many, just so many. Haven't had any in quite a spell though.
    Great write up, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hazy

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    Have had several. Mostly OTB's from not cornering well in sharp turns that were going in a ravine.
    Scariest OTB came out of nowhere as a tree root was hidden on the side of the trail as I was bombing downhill on a smooth trail. It somehow snagged my pedal pushing me forward as it was holding my bike back which made me Superman through the air. Luckily I just landed in soft dirt and didn't sustain any injury.
    I started riding group rides this year with some very experienced riders. Back in July we were riding a Black diamond downhill with some significant drops in a rock garden. I made the 1st drop ( to my amazement ) and saw the rider in front of me (excellent technical rider with a bit more squish in his shocks )maneuvering through the second. I followed and positioned myself waaay back and low and accidentally hit my front brake. This propelled my left ribcage into my seat and ultimately crashing. Finished the ride but over the course of a few days it became apparent I had at least bruised my ribs if not cracking them. That could have been much worse but again came out lucky considering.
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  4. Marna_Kazmaier

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    STOP! Ha3
    I JUST bought my new Mt. Bike!
    2017 Scott Contessa Spark 720
    Don't scare me now! <winks and laughs>
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  5. maelochs

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    I barely remember my two worst MTB wrecks .... concussions will do that .... :)
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  6. Dos_Ruedas

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    I recall, from many moons ago, saying to my brother, let's show those tourists how to ride ( i.e. "Watch This")...

    Said tourists were a nearing the bottom of a sweet MTB descent with esses 15 yards into the flat.

    I took off!!

    Later, my brother told me he had never seen any of our group go THAT fast on that section.

    Although it will become apparent later, I must say now that of the ten or so we were riding with at that time of our lives, I was in the bottom 30%.

    Back to my descent I was screaming down.....About halfway down, three of the five tourists were into the esses. The other two were maneuvering around a puddle......a puddle I couldn't recall seeing before.
    It LOOKED relatively small from my vantage point, so I quickly calculated that I could bunny hop across it, lean hard left right left and be done with those tourists.

    Two seconds later, I started my bunny hop over what had become a troll's pond. My front tire hit squarely against the lip of the far side, firmly embedded itself into the shoreline and put and immediate end to my biking and a quick start to my short stint as a human missile.
    I heard screams of fear (from two of the tourists) as small trees snapped when this human cannonball shot thorough the forest at speed. I hit the ground with the force of a asteroid, leaving a ditch behind me several yards long.
    As I stood up, I had leaves and dirt all over me. A small branch stuck out of my helmet.
    My brother rode up and asked if I was alright.

    I didn't have a chance to reply, because the eldest tourist, obviously impressed with my skill, asked.....(are you ready for this???)..... He asked, "Are you two professionals?"

    I don't recall laughing so hard about a bike ride before or since.

    Needless to say, my front wheel was toast. The ride ended for me as I hiked-a-bike back to the vehicle.

    Moral of the story, if someone says watch this, START ROLLING VIDEO!!
  7. MilesR

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    I'll offer to hold their beer.
  8. newleaf150

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    There have been other crashes that were worse, but in this case, a particular ex-girlfriend comes to mind. Latter HS years, we set out for a short MTB ride around some of the local trails. She was competent but uncertain while I felt at the top of my skills.

    The road home involved a mild but fast decent over a two track with clumps of grass growing between the tracks. I quickly learned that I could jump from one track to the other using the clumps of grass and proceeded to do so repeatedly. Made for some nice impromptu air. She was suitably impressed until I landed in some deep sand and ended up going over the handlebars. That resulted in a nice head over heels roll through the desert, even as as my ego shriveled and died.
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    rola feel free to delete my post above as you must. But it was fun while it lasted.
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    Now if you could get away with the word f**k, we may have to do something but until then :)
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    What happened to filters ?!!!!
    Jk I don't care.
    I have never crashed my mtb..... and not felt it.
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    Filters are for water.
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    I'm so let down by all this filterlessness......much more fun spelling around it :D It even let the word "Withlacoochee" thru in another thread.............I'd rather the spam filter be functional than the profanity filter.
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  18. spikybreak

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    Mostly I have had crashed only on BMX at the skate park, but there was one time with MTB too.
    A friend of mine bough a new bike and I asked him to give it to me to test it out, it was like the second day that he had that MTB, I crashed, like very hard, and broke the fork. :D Offcourse I paid to him, but at least he now knew that his MTB was very very very shitty! :D
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  19. superj

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    most of my crashes are bmx, but on road doing crazy stuff. very few pool crashes and less in the pipes.

    I do have one fun mtb crash, though.

    my youngest son and I were out on a course that would normally have been me on my bmx, but for some reason we were on mtb. I was going up and down the launches, just getting some small air because the mtb always feels like its going to nose dive when I get massive air so I don't do it much. anyways, I go up this 4 foot launch and do a little tabletop tail kick in the air and come back down and the dang front shock collapses to absorb the hit, like it should, and causes me to go over the bars. I didn;t lock it out so it shrunk and was enough that it put my center of balance to far forward. what a bummer.

    anyways, my son asks me afterwards if I meant to do it because I rolled so perfectly in my summersault that it seemed like it was planned because I stopped standing up. I laughed and said no, it was just luck.

    and post number 10 is the best one so far, ha ha ha
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