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Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by fromagedeswan, Jun 12, 2010.

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    looking to switch my k2 mtb to a single speed. any tips/hints on crank sets, freewheels, gear ratios?

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    There are basically two ways to convert a bike with vertical drop outs to singlespeed. The cheapest way is to do it with a chain tensioner, a cog, and spacers. The better, but more expensive way is to get a White Industries ENO eccentric hub and freewheel. Here's a bunch of good info about ss conversion: Singlespeed Bicycle Conversions by Sheldon Brown

    My favorite crankset is the RaceFace Turbine with a square taper bottom bracket and Surly stainless steel chainring. That crankset is no longer manufactured, but is fairly easy to find on ebay. The White ENO crankset is also very nice, but it uses an aluminum chainring and is expensive. It's very light, has an extremely low Q factor, and also uses the old square taper bottom bracket.

    As for gearing, I most often run 32:18. For the steep rocky stuff, 32:20. If there's not a whole lot of climbing and/or I'm in really good shape, 32:16.

    If you decide to go with an eccentric hub, I highly recommend the matching White ENO freewheel. It is absolutely the best freewheel around. They perform flawlessly and last damn near forever.

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    There is no other choice worth considering. A white Industries ENO eccentric hub and crank and voila you are in heaven. Reliable as a rock and a helluva lot better looking.

    2:1 is the recommended gear ratio, but you may need to adjust that to suit your fitness level and riding conditions. Around my home area I run anything from 32:14 to 32:20.
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    You can get the conversion kits for under $30, delivered, or use some PVC to make spacers for your cassette, which would bring the cost down to about $1.30 or so. The only reason I'm making this suggestion is that the ones posted above are rather pricey. Unless you're 100% sure you want to convert to single speed, then it's prudent to go the inexpensive route to try it out first.
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    cool, thanks for all the info guys.