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I have ridden a bike like this before, if you get going down a hill you have to stick your legs out to keep the pedals from hitting the back of your legs is this correct? Maybe you could get a tire off another bike similarly sized and slightly bend the back frame mount area outwards/inwards to fit it
You are thinking of a fixed gear bike. Most single speeds are still a freewheel style bike meaning when you stop pedaling the rear wheel keeps turning without the pedals moving (has to do with the style hub). A fixed gear bike, still a single speed, uses a different rear hub so if the rear wheel is moving so is the crankset. Not something I would recommend to your basic cyclist.

Never try and bend your frame in or out to fit a different wheel. Your frame was designed for a specific wheel and shouldn't be modified unless your willing to risk damaging your bike, or yourself:D

to the OP, if you are just gonna adjust your limit screws to make it a SS why not just ride it as is and dont shift? You could possibly use your rear wheel if it is a cassette and not a freewheel style. You can just break the cassette apart and get some cheap spacers from your LBS and put one cog back one. The front will be a little trickier depeind on the crankset you have. Let us know and we can help you out i am sure. Good luck
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