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A continuous project, I've been somewhat successful at converting my Anthrotech recumbent trike into a velomobile, after a fashion. Here is the original trike, with me on it in it's 'summer' mode (the forum IMG tags are not working for me for some odd reason, so here are links):


Here is the 'more-or-less-finished-for-now-until-next-winter' photo:


A photo gallery during various stages of construction and modification can be found here: Picasa Web Albums - digitalmouse - LeitraTech

I say 'infamous' because this trike made unexpected news in various recumbent forums across central Europe after I reported to some friends that I fell into a canal in Germany during the 2008 SPEZI expo tour. Photos from that tour (including pics of the damage to the trike) can be found at Picasa Web Albums - digitalmouse - Trip from Cop... and Picasa Web Albums - digitalmouse - SPEZI 2008

After arriving at SPEZI, I was greeted by no less than 50 people throughout the expo weekend who learned about my canal-detour adventure. Not something I would advise as a technique for picking up women, but certainly a great way to make new friends!
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