My learning curve never ends.

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Skidmark, May 8, 2010.

  1. Skidmark

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    I had today off. Bride was working, no comitments except yard work so I donned my riding clothes, loaded up with hydration, cell phone etc. and headed out about 7:30. Beautiful riding for the first 17 miles. Then the brand new front tire went flat. No big as I have attended the flat tire class. Got out my trusty repair kit including tube, leavers, CO2 inflator. With tire on I was hurting my arm slapping myself on the back for a job well done. Ten miles later I hear a slight tick comming from the front. Looking I see a small bulge forming on the side wall! A hundred yards ahead is a turn lane so I opt for the additional space to pull over. Never made it before it exploded. My blackberry decided at that momen to lock up. I walked the bike 9 miles in my socks (that wore through at a mile) to the local Walmart where I bought the wrong size tube (all they had), water, socks. Installed tube, used my last CO2, then rode back, slow. Now whining about the blisters on my feet.
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    Ouch! I had similar experience a few years ago as a newbie but didn't have to walk anywhere near 9 miles...

  3. Skidmark

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    Yeah, the blisters feel better today some but not my pride. Only been doing the road bike thing a month and not used to getting so far out from home alone. Never considered needing more than a tube. Going to LBS today to replace my spare tube and the one in the tire. Also picking up a PATCH KIT, and three CO2 tubes. I am also getting a small hand air pump for riding alone on longer rides. I am also sticking this blackberry up my phone suppliers arse.
  4. Industry_Hack

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    Pump, patches, spare tube, and a better phone.

    As far as blisters, when I was in Vegas a few years ago, I walked the length of the strip in my Doc Martens. I drank three bottles of water on the way, and apparently, all that water ended up in the blisters that covered the bottoms of my feet and heels.
  5. Hardtail

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    Well that was a bummer!

    Road bikes scare me......the tires are to! I like to ride rough...aka jumping curbs and stuff!
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    I thought about the same thing happening to me and wondered what I would do along way off from home. So I called up a taxi service in my area and asked if they would come pick up me and the bike if I needed the ride. They said "sure, we have mini vans we can send to you". I don't know what it would cost, but after read that experience, I don't think I would care.:cool:
  7. Skidmark

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    Mike, I could have called if my phone did not suck so bad.
    Hardtail, I have a trail bike that I love as well. Must say I really love the road bike though. Did my first group ride this week. That really was fun.

    Hack, Thanks, got the patches, got a small light pump I can haul in pocket, had a spare tube but got two flats ten miles apart, just waiting for June because Verision sucks.

  8. wild

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    :D On longer rides 2 tubes patch kit pump an a dollar bill in case the hole is big. I fold the bill and it makes a grate tire liner. :thumbsup:
    I found out about the dollar bill thing after a 2 mile walk twice :hate: , and a ride in the back of a pickup after 62 miles on a 65 mile ride :p.
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    I had to read this several times before I realized why you were walking in you socks. Ain't road shoes great?!?! Never owned a pair and probably never will.