Navigator 2.0 2009; Review

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Casualcyclist, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Casualcyclist

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    I bought my 2009 Trek Navigator 2.0 on Sept 5, 2009 and so far, I am very pleased with it.

    I was looking for a bike that was comfortable for riding bike paths (as opposed to something fast) of decent quality but didn’t “break the bank”. It fills my requirements, exactly and so far I am very pleased and had a great deal of enjoyment from it.

    It handles the variety of paved surfaces I rid on from the smooth bike paths to the less than ideal surfaced country paved roads. The tires they fit the Navigators with, along with the suspension in the front forks and seat stem contribute to this trait.

    I had on issue with the front shifter, the numbers were “off” on the twist shift due to cable issues; the LBS where I bought it changed the cable out without question and did a great job. Everything is now flawless; there have not been any other problems.

    My wife also really likes the Navigator 3.0 WSD.

    I have not rode a bicycle for decades; my last bicycle was a 1981 Panasonic Tourist.

    My wife decided to get back into cycling, partly for exercise and she checked out our two, small town LBS and did some test rides. She selected a Trek Navigator 3.0 WSD in late August 2009.

    I dusted off the old Panasonic and thought that was as far as I would go. Then I reluctantly went to the LBS, he sized me up and let me take the Navigator 2.0 “around the block”. I did one circuit, came back to the shop; instead of getting off, I did another circuit. Then I bought the bike.

    The comfort of this bike and the nice bike paths we have in the region keep drawing me out “on the road”.

    My new bicycle has introduced me to an activity that I am surprised how much I enjoy.
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    Congratulations on your new purchase. How do you think it will do in those lake effect snows? Hopefully you have a mild winter so it's not just a garage ornament for the next several months. How's the weather up there now?

  3. Casualcyclist

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    Quite our basement ;) which stays a nic 50% humidity and 60F to 65F

    Its not just the winter weather. They salt the roads for ice melting, after the first good snow, there is salt residue on the roads until the first couple spring rains wash it off.

    Salt eats steel and aluminum quite effectively. We take the motorcycles off the road and "mothball" them for the same reason.

    I am resigned to the fact that I will be riding the exercise bike for several months.

    Not bad except for too much rain, it rains a lot some days and a bit, most days right now:( It is 50F to 65F, not bad for thime of year, here. We have atleast a month before snow and almost two months before any serious snow usually happens.

    HOWEVER, we have a long weekend and a better weather forecast so I will be on the bike paths:D