Need a new derailleur for a 21 spd.

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by glazer1972, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. glazer1972

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    Somehow a stick jumped up this morning on the woods trail I was on and I broke the Shimano Altus rear derailleur on my 2010 Giant Boulder.

    It has Shimano EF-50 7 speed shifters, Crank: 28/38/48, Cassette: 14/16/18/20/22/24/34.

    I found a good price on a Shimano LX M581 and was considering it. Any reason why it wouldn't work for me?
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  2. CTD50

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    Any Shimano or Shimano-compatible derailleur will work for you. LX is a decent choice, even a little 'excess' for a 21-speed setup. Does your 'source' have a Deore for less? Ah, forget it... get the LX.