Need help identifying junky old bike!!!

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by jess81, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. jess81

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    I found this bike tucked away in some old farm buildings. It's in rough shape, but considering restoring as it has a certain charm. But, I'd like to know if anyone can give any info regarding age/make/model. It may not be worth putting time and $ into!!!


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  2. Industry_Hack

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    Could you possibly have posted a worse photo? In all seriousness, post a decent shot, and one of the cranks, along with any head badge, and I'll see what I can find out.

  3. jess81

    jess81 New Member

    I know- it's a terrible pic. The one posted on Craigslist. The bike has already been thrown into a friend's garage. I'll try to get better pics in the coming days!! But I think this might just be a junker, unfortunately...
  4. photosbymark

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    It may not be worth what you put into it in the way of value. Cash aside if you like the bike, want to ride it, why not restore it anyway. I have spent money on things far less productive than that. It is disappointing to put a great deal of time into a project thinking you are going to make money and don't, but if you go into it up front knowing where you stand and its for fun and to ride a cool bike then you are ahead of the game before you start.
  5. billnuke1

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    Hey Jess,
    Is that a girls bike? Go crazy! Change out the handlebars, seat! Make it your bike! A lot of times a crappy bike with that "one size fits all" frame just needs a different seat and handlebars. Maybe move the new bars closer or further away with a new neck. Those bars look kinda severe! Wrist breakers. Sometimes the bike company makes different style bikes with that one frame! I have put racing bars on a crappy "Free Spirit". A brand new bike! Horrible seat! Got to find another soon.
    Have fun!