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First, admin./mods. if you move this to a different forum I understand. I wasn't sure where to put it.

My rear rim has cracks forming near at nipple end of the spokes. In 3 places there are small cracks. At 2 of the spokes the cracks are on each side, not coming from the hole the spoke goes through and are half moon shaped. It was explained that happens over time when the spokes are tightened as the rim is trued. On the 3rd one there is one crack coming from the hole the spoke goes through. This crack is caused by the same thing, over time as the spoke is tightened when the rim is trued, etc.

The rim, an 26" Alex DA16 26" 32 hole, is 9 years old. Is this normal for a rim like this?

I was told I could ride the bike until I get a replacement. I am not sure I want to do that. The rim is starting to fail because of the cracks. Won't the cracks get worse, even if the spokes are not tightened any more? If I am not mistaken pressure and vibration on aluminum alloy material causes cracks to form over time, or existing cracks to get worse. The cracks may have been caused gradually over time when the rim was trued. But now that they are there it stands to reason, even if the spokes are never tightened any more than they already are the vibration of just riding will cause them to get worse, correct?
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