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    Hello to all. I just recently learned about this site. I'm a 51 y.o. male, and I ride a 93 Univega mountain bike. I keep it in great shape so it still rides like new. I'm trying to get back in shape so I can start mountain biking again. I really miss it. My favorite place to ride was Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area in the great state of Mi. I really need to find someone to ride with.
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    Welcome to the site. You mentioning Univega brings back some old memories. I looked at a Univega as an option back when I bought my first mtn bike in 87. At the time the cost was just to much compared to what I bought and I had to keep some money aside for the necessities (beer) hey I was you ng and dumb.

    Then forward to 1994 I was in the Navy working as Navy police, stationed at Naval Training Center San Diego CA. I was one of 4 chosen for Bike Patrol. I rode a Univega police bike. I rode that thing every day that I worked. We worked in pairs. We loved sneaking up on people doing stupid stuff. Just roll in and say"Hi!". When they turned around and saw it was us, it was priceless. We even got a chance to go to a school for patrol bike riders. They taught us how to handle the bikes. We were taught how to take people down while not hurting ourselves or the bikes. None of the 4 of us ever took anyone down with the bike except in training. Most people were so surprised when we showed up they were pretty compliant. Thanks for the memories.

    Glad to see you here hope you enjoy the site and we see a lot of you.

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    Welcome Drill Sgt. (in what)

    I'm also a new guy as of yesterday. Just stay with it.

    Grape Ape, I'll bet you did surprised a few people. I would love to watch some of that.
    I was an AP in SAC (CDF) CQB instructor. 3 years, 6 months, 5 days, 3 hours and 23 seconds. (Loved every minute)
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    Good to see people over 50 still active! Especially Mountain biking! Welcome aboard, DrlSgt! Hope you find someone in your area to ride with. It's always funner with others!