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A few days ago accidentally invented a new kind of bicycle

Today I made pictures(drawings) of this bike
and because I am unable to do it ... for now
... now, I post photos on the internet
... and looks forward to seeing who will do it first
...... if you're handy,
...Do it

It is:

A new type of propulsion (lever)
A new type of control (saddle-back)

- lighter
- faster
- comfortable
- Can be folded
- Front wheel drive
- With an excellent aero-dynamic
- Simply arranged and therefore cheaper
- The pedals move reciprocating - and not circular
- The pedals move independently of one another
- multi - speed lever drive system
- Free - Hands bicycle
- Turbo Mode

photos ...


it is generally ...

... in this forum ...more
- Google

P. S. ...

?? ... Rear-Wheel-Steering RWS

Ordinary road bike has some shortcomings that do not like ... they are:

... Not better aerodynamics
... non-comfortable seat
... inability to use the full force of the cyclist

These flaws are gone in this new species bicycle

... but the price is - RWS

... all say that this species bikes are awkward to manage ... and I knew about this flaw ...

what are the reasons RWS is unstable and difficult to manage:

... RWS - tadpole

... long-wheelbase (distance between the two big wheels)
... high center of gravity of the driver
... smaller wheels

It is a compromise between these three conditions:

.. the least possible distance between the wheels (- the radius)
... the lowest possible position of the cyclist (height diameter)
.. possible large wheels (32 "- 37")

So this is the result ...
... and since no one has ever proven ... and do not share the experience of using this type of bike (with those dimensions and proportions) ... and in my search on the internet, I saw nothing like this bike

... and so I will not draw your attention to your comments .. and I will use RWS

?? ... with Lever Drive

The power transmitted through human ... x ... pedal to the wheel

... Circular Rotary Drive System (variable power)...

... Oval Rotary Drive System (variable power)...

...Lever Drive System with Support (direct linear power)... - sustain pedal

... Lever Drive System with Support (direct linear power)...
- - simultaneously pressing both pedals


Men . . . . . Squat . . . . . . X-Bwt . Male Lifter/ Nationality/ YOB/ Date/
114 (52) 662.5 (300.5) - *6.01X - Andrzej Stanaszek (Poland/71) 11/5/03
123 (56) 644.9 (292.5) - *5.61X - Andrzej Stanaszek (Poland/71) 3/22/03
132 (60) 705.5 (320.0) - 5.33X - Magnus Karlsson (Sweden/67) 10/2/99
148 (67.5) 804.7 (365.0) - *5.50X - Thomas James “T.J.” Hoerner (US/77) 4/1/06
165 (75) 887.4 (402.5) - *5.37X - Al Caslow (US/80) 3/22/09
181 (82.5) 930.0 (421.8) - *5.13X - Michael Cartinian (US/76) 8/22/09
198 (90) 1055.0 (478.5) - *5.32X - Shawn Frankl (US/77) 8/22/09
220 (100) 1100.0 (499.0) - *5.02X - Sam Byrd (US/81) 6/7/08
242 (110) 1140.0 (517.1) - *4.75X - Chuck Vogelpohl (US/65) 8/23/09
275 (125) 1175.0 (533.0) - *4.59X - Chuck Vogelpohl (US/65) 8/20/10
308 (140) 1190.5 (540.0) - *3.97X - Jonas Rantanen (Finland/82) 10/3/09
SHW 1250.0 (567.0) - *3.71X - Vladislav Alhazov (Israel/77) 1/20/08

As you can see ... an athlete in POWERLIFTING ... can exert a force equal to x 3 - x 6 ... own weight …between the ground and your shoulders

If he rode a bicycle to drive with Lever Support (shoulders) ... he will be able to exercise this power, pressure on the pedals - x3 - x6 X-Bwt(Exact Bodyweight)

If he rode a bicycle with a simple round Chainring
... under pressure on the pedals will vary between X 0.3 - X 1 X-Bwt (support is gravity)

... simple construction
... more light weight
... the opportunity to pedal through the command speed and the brakes
... the possibility of simultaneously pressing both pedals
... short pressure or pressure long ... you choose !..

... So I chose ... LDSS

?? ... Is it a one-speed drive only?

multi-speed lever drive system


…ratio is x1 to x7

?? ... Control and support of the saddle-back

...the framework of saddle-back will be stretched across fabric strips and they will be
interconnected rope (like a hammock)

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"Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana -

"Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it" - Winston Churchill -

Treadle bicycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There's a reason why linear drive is not common among bicycles even though it's been around for over 100 years. Naming it after yourself and asking us to build it is the height of hubris. If you think it's such a great idea, build it yourself and report back. I want to see a video of you riding it. Be sure to get close-ups of the skinned elbows and hips.

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kind of a neat idea, but i think i would feel farily uncomfortable or unsteady when the seat is moving beneath me as i steer. :p

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Hmmm, imagining something new is not always that difficult. Getting it free from the abstract and into a real prototype is a trick. Napoleon Dynamite imagined (and drew) a Liger, which is an animal that is a cross between a lion and a tiger. This animal had the mane of a lion, and the markings of a tiger on its body. Kind of hard to reproduce in reality.

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" ....... for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
here is my replay... look of this bicycle

...joint between the two parts of the bicycle frame is a little more specific ... when cornering, the front wheel tilt ... so both tires move after another...

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It will need a headrest, judging from the first pic. Your neck would get as stiff as heck riding in that position.

The dual wheel steering concept is interesting. They've done it with cars, trucks, garden tractors, may as well make the jump to a bike!

I would like to see how it would handle with both wheels steering. Might be too responsive, since bikes require leaning, not much steering.

Will this be available in BMX? ;)

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Functionally, that's just a standard prone bike, with linear drive. The amount of offset caused by the headset being behind the fork is really pretty insignificant and the equivalent of having slightly more fork rake. And linear treadle-drive still has the same problems as before: not as efficient as turning a chainring.

If you want to design a new bike, study hard and try again after you've graduated from grade school.

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How do you steer that bad boy? With the backrest?

Is it easy to balance on a bike with rear wheel steering?

Bicycles seem to attract the attention of inventors, especially in the early days of bicycling. Everything has been tried 100 years ago. I wouldn't worry about that. New bike products and bike designs tend to be refinements of earlier ideas.

One idea I have not seen before is rear wheel steering. I wonder it that's because it doesn't work...
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