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New guy from Austin

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Just got back into road biking after 20+ year break. Finished Livestrong two weeks ago, doing the Wurst ride tomorrow.

I've completely lost my mind and started preparing for the Big Ride Across America. Seven week bike ride from Seattle to Washington DC next summer. Raising money for American Lung Association.

I ride a 2010 Specialized Roubaix. Most of my training is in and around Austin.

Retired Marine, grandpa.
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Welcome! I'm in Austin! Good Luck on the long run I hope your getting ready.
Very impressive! Looking forward to retirement, and hopefully still being in decent enough shape to do those kind of things. I got a long way to go, though. :(

I have a Roubaix as well. Love that bike! Welcome to TwoSpoke!
Welcome to Two Spoke, and the world of Spec Roubaix, I love mine....

Be careful ridin around Austin, hear some really bad stories from people who ride there on this forum and twitter...

Wow.. good luck. I want to "tour" Canada once I retire, Dec 2012, but I want to ride at my own pace. I ride mostly around Parmer Lane, but do ride 360 & Bee Caves too.
Welcome to the forum!
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