New Longbikes Tandem: Low Seat Height

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    Hi All,

    For those of you that may own, or have looked at recumbent tandems, you know that the seat heights tend to be 25" or higher. For a shorter person, this means tippy toes at starts and stops. And anyone experienced with recumbents, knows that one of the most important things on a bent is to be flat footed at starts and starts. This builds confidence in the learning curve.

    Greg at Longbikes builds both recumbent and traditional tandems. I approached him recently and as he is developing a new SWB bent called the Muroc, he is willing to build a tandem for me with a low seat height of 17". He also can make it either a monotube or ladder design. I am hoping it will come out much like my Bacchetta Ti Aero or the M5 tandem, with Euromesh seats.

    If anyone is interested in such a recumbent tandem, then contact Greg. The more people we get to order, the better chances there are that this will not be a custom build, and thus he can reduce the cost.

    Greg is a great guy to chat with, super nice, and is an engineer.