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To introduce myself here is hard.
Let's see...
I am not a fast rider.
I am fairly old(55 plus)
I ride a lot. 100 miles a week anyhow.
I have been very active with my bikes for several decades. I raced bikes when young, last road race was 1973 however. Last mnt bike race was 1995.
Racing is a young persons game...
My mountain bike has over 7600 miles on it, and goes to Moab regularly, as does my real hobby Jeep.
I ride a GT mountain bike that I built myself(right down to the wheels), and a Motobecane road (cyclocross) bike(I did not build).

Got the cyclo bike instead of a road bike because I (right/wrong) thought it would be heavier built, with some trails around here being gravel, I figured a tire with a bit of tread would be nice(coming from the Jeeping world where aggressive tires is the game too).

I also run...
Bike in summer and run in winter, to keep my old and well used body going.

Going o run the Las Vegas Marathon in December, in fact(perhaps only the 1/2 marathon though, as I am also LAZY)

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