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    I run a new shop in Sebastopol, California which is...a little different.
    We are electric-centric, but I carry the Mundo and other cargo bikes, and am currently adding a few select brands of two and three wheeled recumbents; TerraTrike, Bacchetta, Sun and one I'm importing from Europe. These will be offered as pedal-only, or as Hybrid, Human-Electric versions, which we build in house.

    We also are a dealer for eGO and EVT electric scooters, GPRS Electric Motorcycles, Electric ATV/Quads and I am a licensed auto dealer as well; like I said...a little bit different.
    I look at it as offering folks the continuum of transport options.
    We also offer workshops on converting ones own vehicle, bike on up, to electric drive or assist.
    We sell parts and supplies too; Crystalyte and Amp'd Hub Motors, E-4 and EcoSpeed Mid-Drive Motors, trailers and lots more that's not on the site now.
    We have a bike workshop scheduled to begin July 18th; Convert Your Bike to Electric

    Our Site:
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    Thanks for joining. Several threads already about how to convert your pedal bike into a motorized.

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    Neat! Welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing what you bring to the table!