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Greetings BMXer's,

The following is regarding the Cycle Loft and Intense BMX teaming up for the 2010 season with a race team. If you have any interest in joining the team please e-mail me at [email protected].

There are some requirements for joining the team and they are as follows:

1. Currently ride, or purchase an Intense BMX race bike.
2. Willing to purchase a team jersey.
3. Race in any 10 single points races (Whip City, Billerica, Cape Cod & Woodland will qualify.)

Please understand that we can only have about 10-12 riders, so not everyone will make the team. We will be looking at this year’s past results to see how well you did and how often you raced. Not everyone can win every week, but everyone is able to participate every week. Please let us know about any plans for racing in Nationals or the Redline Cup. Also include anything else that you think would make you a great representative for the Cycle Loft and Intense BMX. The Cycle Loft will be giving a generous discount on bikes and parts from the Cycle Loft, and a bit more generous discount on Intense BMX Bicycles, Intense Tires, Vigor, Sinz and T.H.E. products; this information will be remain confiential.

Thank You,
Ben Masse
Cycle Loft
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