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Hello, I am getting a new road bike and am considering replacing the wheels and I wanted to get some advice here as I am still a novice cyclist and know very little about parts.

I started riding a bike last summer (I had a steel Masi Speciale) and I weighed around 240 lbs at that time. I now am down to 180 lbs and probably will eventually drop to around 170 but that is about it. That Masi had Ritchey DS wheels that held up very well but they were kind of an entry level type I think.

I wanted to upgrade my bike and put a 2010 Jamis Xenith Endura 2 in layaway. I liked this bike as it had a “relaxed” geometry as with the Masi I always had neck pain issues since it was more racing geometry. I ride on bike trails and side streets, I do not race nor plan to, and my rides are usually 15 mph anywhere from 10-30 miles. I did 47 miles once and it just about killed me, but I want to do a 50 this summer and a century eventually.

The Jamis comes stock with Shimano RS10 wheels and 700x25 Rubino Pro tires.

I did some research on the wheel set and the reviews are not that great. I am thinking of upgrading the wheel set, and I want something that will be sturdy and reliable, light weight would be nice but not my biggest concern.

I want to keep around $600 tops for the set and here is what I am considering, please let me know of your thoughts or other recommendations”

• American Classic Victory 30 with Titanium skewers (these wheels are actually stock on the 2011 version of my bike, the Endura 3) no titanium skews that would be an upgrade I would choose
• Shimano Ultegra
• Shimano RS 80
• Easton EA90 SL
• Mavic Ksyrium
• Mavic Open Pro with Ultegra or Dura Ace hubs

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. I don’t think I am above the weight limit for any of these, I know the American Classics said 240 pounds and I don’t plan on being that heavy again.

I read on one of the reviews that the Shimano wheels, at least the RS10's that come on my bike, have proprietary nipples or spokes or something like that? If I decide to replace the wheels I think I would want to go with something that parts could be found for easily, as I believe the review said that sometimes the Shimano replacement wheel parts were hard to find.


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Have you done a serch on here there was a good site that let you build a wheel and thay would rate it to your weight and rideing.
Sorry I can't be of more help. The one thing I will say is after a 100 miles or so have the rims tightened and trued ,you might find the wheels to hold up good and you won't have to change them. Worked on my Fuji Absolute I had broke a spoke 2 different times, thay went over the wheels and I now have 3500 miles on that bike.
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