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    Hello, all

    I'm 35 years old and struggling to get into shape. I hate jogging. Hate it. I've flirted with road bikes and found them way to uncomfortable for me. I don't like being hunched over and I especially don't like a tiny, wedge-shaped seat jammed up into my...well, you're cyclists; you know what I'm sayin.

    I've tried mountain bikes but I found out that I ride pretty much only on pavement, so all the fancy shocks and gears and knobby tires are wasted on me.

    I joined Two Spoke as I research the best hybrid/comfort bike for me. I've come to realize I'm a casual rider who'd like to get groceries, do errands, and cruise around town on something that I look forward to riding. I don't need clipless pedals, spandex or team jerseys. I wanna hop on something in the shoes I'm wearing and spin the 2 miles to the bank in relative comfort.

    I haven't actually purchased a bike yet, I'm still figuring out what's best for me. Hopefully you'll hear more from me once I decide to take the plunge.

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    Purple, I ride a specialized crosstrail, a hybrid, part road bike, part mountain bike. I love the bike, it does perform better on the road than on the dirt, but does take a lot of punishment with little effort. It has front shocks you can lock down to solid if you want to, I seldom do this, at my age I want my wrists cushioned a little. Bike cost about $700 and has comfortable seat, and good petals, 27 speeds but shifts pretty effortless. I used to be a runner and gave it up to come back to cycling, a lot easier on the body. Be careful, if you get the bug, the 2miles to the bank will soon be 20 miles to the next town, or beyond..... I know it happened to me, in 2yrs, I've gone from 3-4 miles 2-3X/wk to 100mi/week and a few rides in the 35-50 mile range, and I live and ride in the sierra nevada mtns, all UP or DOWN, great fun. I've lost 15 lbs and I was pretty thin to start with, didn't know I had 15lbs to loose, and I eat about 4K calories a day, go figure.

    O BTW, welcome to Two Spoke, lots of good people here to help you get started.

    ps, I'm 56
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    Hi Purple welcome abord I ride a Jamis comfort bike a Explorer 2. I ride 10 miles a day and have tryed a fue hybrides but I keep going back and riding my comford bike. the one thing I would change on it are the gears I would like a 9 speed and maybe a 50 39 30 chainring, there are some gears that have to much change between gears I think. but I like the ride of the 26x1.95 and the sprung seat post allso the forks have shocks and the uprite riding posision
    my .02
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    If you don't wan't a traditional bike, in addition to hybrids, check out the Electra Townie.