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    :(:(Hi:I am new to the site.Glad to find a site too discuss my problem.I had a nice mountain bike,and after riding about 20 miles,i had pain in my butt,and a contusion in my groin.Well my contusion went away,but my butt still hurts,when i sit for a long time.I think i pinched the skin,and this is why i cant sit for a long time,Anyone ever hear of this,or know anything about this,PLease let me know.I have seen a Dermatologist,and he said i have a rash,and i need go to the Hospital to fix this.I cannot be the first person to ever have a problem like this.Hoping for a cure.Thankyou.
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    Good to have you Spiderking. Hopefully we can help turn those :('s into :)'s. I posted a response to your question in you seat injury thread. Welcome to TwoSpoke!