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Hi Guys, this is my second attempt at this, please bare with me (Sorry!)

Anyways, My name is Karl Mitchell and I haven't walk or ran for 12 years now.

When I was 20, Doctor's discovered and conducted an Emergency partial removal of a tumor growing out of my brain-stem. It was unsuccessful and I barely escaped with my life.

The majority of Doctor's gave me 6 months and none of them expected that I would go back and graduate college. However, 2 years later, I went back to college. It took me 2 years, but I finally graduated college with my BS in Engineering in 2005.

In 2006, I applied and was employed at the Mohegan Sun Casino in UnCasville, CT. I wanted more in life and after successfully living on my own for a year in Norwich, CT. I moved back home and started planning the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, things have not happened as I planned. I applied to thousands of jobs with no opportunity to succeed. In fact, the only personal accomplishment I have had is being able to ride a Recumbent Trike.

As of today, I am glad to say that I have rode a whole two straight days without a Crash!

Only having done 2 different rides in 2 Days, I am setting my Goal of riding Cross country on my recumbent Bike. I don't know how many crashes or how long it will take, but as you can tell, I am a determined SOB and I will do this!

If you can, can any of you support me and make a donation to , it's a paypal endorsed fundraiser that I set-up for this Cross Country Challenge.
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