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:):)Hi,everyone! This is Bruce, hope you had a nice weekend. Today I would like to share two types of rims with you, which is called offset and non-offset rims. What is offset and non-offset rims and what is their difference? Attached is the geometric photo.
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As we know, with the development of bicycle market, some manufacturers will develop many new designs in order to meet their customers' demand and attract their attentions. For example, they will change bicycle shape, use new material to reduce the weight or change the drilling ways to make it more fashionable and different. Attached is the different drilling ways.
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Recently some of my friends asked me the difference between offset rims and non-offset rims, does offset rims better than non-offset rims? Or it is just a stunt that manufacturers used to attaract customer's attention?

Well, as I know, the difference between offset and non-offset rims is that the offset rims help equalizes the flange distances, which iequalizes the wheel's bracing angels and equalizes spoke tension between the drive and non-drive spokes. As a result the wheel is more stronger, durable and stiff.
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What kind of bicycle rims are you using now, have you ever used offset rims?:confused::confused:


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