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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BenTPhorks, Nov 26, 2010.

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    Found you folks on the Jeep Forum. I've been fooling with bikes for at least 50 years. As a kid, ruining them, now, trying to fix 'em. Old bikes seem to follow me home.
    People even drop (dump) them off in my yard. I'll fix the ones I can, and give them away to someone who will enjoy it.
    My personal collection consists of a few pre war: Hawthorn and Snell, a few Frenchies: Motobecanes, Sutter, several
    old Schwinn's, and a few old Brit bikes, Raleigh's & Humber's.
    Nothing new, nothing high tech. I guess I like the ones I grew up with. Most riding is on C&O Towpath which is practically in my front yard. I look forward to learning something here.
  2. worthlees

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    Welcome to the forum. Friendly bunch & helpful. Your bike collection sounds very
    interesting, any chance you will post pictures?

  3. wild

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    Hi from the Swamps of South Jersey. sounds like you realy enjoy your bikes and have a realy nice colection. Hope you share some photos with us, and some tips on fixing some of them bikes. Hope you enjoy this site , lots of nice folks here.