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hey everybody. i found this site while on jeepforum. i love being outdoors, especially in the woods. i grew up out in the middle of nowhere where there was always something fun to do in the woods. started driving dunebuggys we built from vw's at an early age then graduated to 4x4's. stopped smoking 13 yrs ago and bought a crappy mt bike and never looked back. this cannondale is my 3rd rig and has been a great investment. i'm one of those guys who loves to hillclimb. the more technical the better. been riding clipless now for about 10 yrs and can't imagine how i did it on platforms. i've had this cannondale since 05 and it has helped to improve my skills greatly. suprisingly to me, my age has not been a factor. i can keep up with 20 and 30 yr olds no problem. hope to find some good info on here and maybe trade some techniques and secrets. i do all my own work and repairs on both my wife's and my bike. she rides a cannondale too. see you on the trail!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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