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Hi Guys

I'm a newbie, and just bought my first 'real' bike. However, I'm not sure if I've been ripped off, or if I got value for money, so would much appreciate all and any input!

Remember - I'm no pro, so I'm just concerned about value for money and reasonable performance.....

I paid 400 euros, it seems to be in almost perfect condition,

frame: alluminium (olympia hydroforming) - weighs about 10kg
gears: shimano alvio RIGIDA ZAC 2000
wheels - more road than mountain bike (700-23),
Men's version (even if I am all lady, heard that men's bikes are better..??)

Only pic I can find is at the bottom of this page:
Olympia Superleggera 1

Any other info important? :confused:



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Welcome aboard. There will be someone more knowable than me in bikes that will help answer your questions. I am new to bikes of today, last bike I owned was 50yr. ago!!!
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