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Discussion in 'Training / Health' started by adventurer, May 6, 2009.

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    What's your favorite snack during a ride? Personally, I like those Kashi bars, as well as SoBe life water.

    Another favorite is some trail mix-I like the kind with nuts, raisins, and m&ms. A good balance of protein and a bit of sugar to give me a little boost but keep me going.
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    I use Hammer's Heed and Gels when I'm out on a long ride (2+ hours). I've never been on one long enough to need solid food. Most of the rides that I have done to date are short enough that liquid based fuel is all I need.

  3. DaleDenton

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    What is Hammer's Heed and Gels? I am unsure of that.

    I usually make sure to have Kashi or Nutrigrain bars in my bag because they are easy to eat one handed while you ride, healthy and quick snack that will revive you. I also always make sure to carry some water for hydration.
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    i do long distance all day rides all the time.living here in Fla. i find that in this heat,i need to consume large amounts of liquids often.i find that if i carry three water bottles,and i use those little one serving dry envelopes of a power drink powder,it works a whole lot better.i find that Replenish works and tastes pretty good.i like the orange flavor best,with cranberry a close second.to keep it fresh and cool,i just stop at any where there's water available and mix a new batch right on the spot! works for me!as for food, there's plenty of places to get fresh fruit along these roads here.it's light,full of natural sugars, and dosent make me feel like i'm over filled after eating it! toss in a pack of peanut butter crackers,and i can ride all day on that!ride on
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    where do u buys there "gels" at?and what r they exactly?Thanks